Albert Retief




Hi, my name is Albert and I am a photographer, a traveller and an adventurer.

I started down this traveling path back in 2007 when I won a photography competition and used the winnings to fund a 45-day solo adventure through Southern Africa. The experience triggered a craving for more photographic missions which led me to hitch-hike through the Namib Desert, set off on a motorbike tour around the mountains of Northern Vietnam and climb volcanoes in Indonesia. It all culminated in 2014 when I travelled by public transport from Tokyo to Cape Town over the course of one year.

That epic mission was made possible by teaching English in South Korea and Taiwan. After almost four years of teaching I took a year off to photograph the movement of people as I moved overland from Japan to South Africa. During this Reflections from the Road journey I focused on documenting the similarities and relationships we as humans share with each other - our families, friends, the state and religion.

Since then I have appeared on television talk shows discussing my photography and adventures. My work has been featured in magazines, online platforms, radio stations and South African newspapers. I also do travel and photography talks for schools, old-age homes and corporate events. 

I am passionate about travel photography and see my camera as an extension of my curiosity and adventurous spirit. Please feel free to get in contact with me. I am always keen for another adventure.